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Fax Server: Fax to e-mail and e-mail to Fax

“The FAX Server provides the fax to email and email to fax service integrated with the FScloud Hosted PBX platform.”

The FScloud platform integrates a FAX Server functionality. This service allows more than just sending mail to Fax and Fax to Email.

The FAX Server module was designed taking into account implementations with different communication requirements. The simple forwarding of a fax to an extension / mailbox is supported, however, the service is tailored to implementations where forwarding a fax is more complex.

As an example, in large companies with several delegations, faxing can be accessible to all employees. Some employees may have DDI's associated for fax sending. However, users with assigned DDI may also have to receive faxes that arrive by the delegation’s general fax DDI or even from another delegation. These fax forwarding possibilities are treated in a simple and intuitive way through a Web interface.

The monitoring of faxes sent and received is also made via Web interface.

Another facet of the Fax Server functionality is sending faxes to distribution lists. The creation/management of distribution lists is made by web interface. Distribution lists can be edited at the time of sending the fax. Something very important in this type of application is the monitoring of outgoing faxes.

The FScloud presents a Web interface that allows you to monitor outgoing faxes quickly and intuitively.

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