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Hosted PBX and IP Centrex services

“The FScloud – Hosted PBX platform enables the Operator engineering team to provide Hosted PBX services in a simple and intuitive for the end customer.”

The Hosted PBX solution provided in a multi-tenant architecture by FScloud is characterized by high scalability and the potential to easily integrate into the end-users business processes and into the current voice network of the Operator.

The integration of a Hosted PBX solution in an existing voice solution, or the design of a Hosted PBX solution from scratch, are critical points in the life of a Carrier. FScloud is designed to allow minimal investment whether in starting the supply of the service or in the integration of an existing solution. This stems from the ability to integrate/ customization of its modules and the use of standard protocols in its implementation.

All you need to know in our datasheet.

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