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One simple Multi-tenant PBX in your Datacenter!

“The FSprivateCloud platform can be easily customized to the specific needs of each client, in order to ensure flexibility in the management and control of the communications system."

The FSprivateCloud platform integrates and provides, centrally and all over the network, various communication services including voice, video, presence, messaging and collaborative meetings, responding to specific needs of the Institutions. Its dinamic and scalable arquitecture allows the customization and adaptation of the whole system to the needs of each client, easily integrating with all the client's business applications. The high performance is guaranteed by the local supply of the fundamental services, that ensure the resillience of the platform. This type of integration provides the local survivability of the most important services in the network, safeguarding and guaranteeing maximum availability, flexibility and control in delocalized offices or in large institutions.

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