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Telephony systems in Telecommunications Operators ISPs

Although there is a variety ways to communicate, the telephony system continues to be a means par excellence of communication. The telephony system has a very important role in institutions because conveys a sense of security and space to the interested in the institutions, be they customers, employees or suppliers.

The Telephony solutions are today undergoing a paradigm shift. From on premises Telephony systems we are now migrating to cloud Telephony systems. Telecom Operators today have an interesting challenge to reconcile this new philosophy with the existing infrastructure.

The Finesource Telephony solutions are based on the principle of simplicity and robustness. The Finesource telephony solutions are designed to have a simple and easy to use single point of solution management, no need for special and complex training for support and also designed to eliminate the impact the provisioning process has in the Telecommunications Operator structure.

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