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Web meeting and video conferencing

“The Meeting module has a centralized architecture that allows the Operator to provide a Tele Meeting service in a simple way.

The Meeting module allows the Carrier to provide a centralized Tele Meeting service. This service can be integrated in the Hosted PBX / IP Centrex solution or be provided separately.

This module allows the setup of collaborative video and web meetings based on different parameters. For example, the module allows, among others, the provision of service by virtual meeting rooms, by number of users regardless of the number of rooms or number of users in the same virtual meeting room.

The module offers the service through the Web allowing that even users who are not registered on the platform can access the virtual meeting room via a web link. The web link is emailed to the meeting invitees when the scheduling process of the virtual meeting has finished.

The virtual meeting is accessible through different media. In particular, global or private chat, presence of users in the meeting, videos submitted by each user, submitting documents, whiteboard and desktop sharing. The control of the meeting made by the moderator (user who initiates the meeting) may be shared with others by selecting the moderator. At any given time, the user that controls the presentation and shares the desktop is the user who currently has the role of moderator.

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