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Dial your wish we'll answer your call!

At this Business Worshop Finesource will present it’s portfolio and the way these solutions target the Operators requirements.

The Business Workshop will be divided in a Business Solutions presentation and a Technical presentation that demonstrates the simplicity and robustness of the FScloud Platform.

The Finesource Business Workshop is designed for Product Manager, Business Developer, CXO, Pre Sales and Comercial Director audience.


2.30 pm Check in
2.45 pm CEO Welcome
3.00 pm Finesource View of the Market
The Voice is just the beginning!
The enterprise world has information every where.
Imagine that you can gather that information and add it to a call!
You'll know everything!
3.30 pm What you can do with the FScloud Platform
Provide Voice Services Fixed or Mobile-Fixed
Go from your TDM solution to an IP solution in a glance
4.00 pm Coffe Break
4.15 pm The simplification of the Operator processes
  • IPBX Provisioning
  • Phone Provisioning
  • Support
With our solution you don’t need hard days of training for any of the processes you are used to do
4.45 pm Real Demo: The Operator Day to Day Work
See for yourself!
5.30 pm One to One Meetings



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  1. Please tell us, some topics that are important to you.

Did you know?
By 2015, the VoIP services market will peak at around 74.5 billion dollars. With that increase on the rise, managed PBX VoIP service will double by 2016.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact or call +44 3300 881 763

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